Rental Stations

Here you can find the places where we delivery cars and where you can find rental stations of Smart Car Rental, Potos, Skala Panagia, Skala Potamia, Skala Prinos, Limenas (we deliver cars to the port of Limenas).


The capital of the island, known as Thassos, is located on the north side, and offers the visitor a variety of experiences. With numerous beaches along its coasts, Limenas is the ideal destination for those who seek to combine swimming during the day, and cosmopolitan entertainment during the night. The beach café bars bustling with life all day long, while restaurants and patisseries offer unique culinary delights. Limenas market, has nothing to envy from the markets of large urban centers; traditional little shops as well as mass chain stores, meet every requirement. 


In the hub, 45 kilometers away from Limenas and 25 kilometers away from Prinos ,Potos has evolved in recent years into a unique holiday destination. With the increased arrival of young people especially, this small village transmits its pulse and aura throughout the island. The narrow streets “flood” with cheerful tourists, the sandy beach of Potos is vibrating by the games of people of all ages, the restaurants offer unique culinary experiences, while the café bars turn the night into day, as events and surprises last 24 hours a day! The view of Athos, soothes the “eye” and soul, while the sun submerging into the sea gives Potos the most sensational colour!

Skala Panagia

This village is named after the Virgin Mary, and probably not coincidentally! Panagia is a place blessed with natural beauties, but also with people who know how to honor the meaning of hospitality. One of its insurmountable natural beauties is the cave of Drakotripa that will convulse you with its stalactites and stalagmites. Large platans in the village square, running water and traditional taverns that treat visitors homemade spoon sweets, offer the visitor not one, but endless beautiful experiences!

Skala Potamia

Where the mountain Ipsarion stands, lies the picturesque village of Potamia. Verdurous land, traditional houses covered with stone and a view that combines mountain and sea, take the visitor’s breath away. In the museum of the sculptor Polygnotos Vagis one can admire several of his works, while in Skala Potamia one can taste local dishes, fresh fish, and swim in the deep blue waters. In Skala Potamia you can find one of the most organized beaches on the island, the Golden Beach, and in combination with the night life you will have moments that will make your holidays memorable…

Skala Prinos

Prinos is located northwest of Thassos and hosts the second port of the island connected to Kavala and also during the summer months with the port of Peramos. Prinos is widely known because of the oilfields that have been detected in its seabed and you may notice the oil tanks during your trip with the ferry boat. It is a village that mainly serves the visitor with its transport, but it also has tourist appeal, as its sandy beaches seem to gain more and more people.